Why Should You Join AFEW?

By Francis Gaspay


I promised Loreli that I will write an article for the AFEW website. Now comes the hard part --- getting started.  Remember the famous Nike marketing hook “Just Do It” I replaced it with “Just Write It”.  The quality doesn’t matter to me anymore…I stop judging myself and start writing.


The next time you get ponder asking yourself why you should join a professional organization, please consider these tips:

Friendship and Fun

Life is not just about career and making money. It is about building friendship and having fun.

You get a chance to meet people, build good friendship and be part of the social activities and  have so much fun. AFEW will teach you how to dance, go bowling, sing the national anthem and be a master of ceremonies. If you don’t enjoy life, all the money and possessions you pile up will mean nothing….You’ll be bored and boring.


Organization and Management Skills

I’m not familiar on how the AFEW organization works and how to manage everything.  As an AFEW officer, I learned how fundraising works, how finances works, how to market for event and how to work as a team. If you want to spread your organizational and management wings, I encourage you to become an AFEW officer. You will grow in ways you could never imagine. Each time I accepted an officer role, I gained so much more than I gave.  I’m proud to say I’ve done it all except being an AFEW president. No position is too small or too big for that matter. Don’t miss your chance.


Leadership Skills

If you become an AFEW officer, you take up responsibilities and challenges to lead and you learn what it takes to be a leader. AFEW will help you instill those good leadership skills.


AFEW taught me that “you learn best practices by doing.” The leadership experience helped me immensely in my engineering career. As a leader in AFEW, you will learn how to work in a team environment, how to motivate volunteers, how to delegate and how to effectively manage time. These are skills that are in high demand in today’s workplace.

Personality Development

If you join AFEW, your communication skills will improve because you are interacting with different people. You may learn even more if you are an AFEW officer. You learn to balance work, family and volunteer work. I became an AFEW officer (as Secretary) in 2000 because Roland Lastimosa came to me and said, “You’re pretty smart guy, Francis but you never attend the meetings.” “Join us, be an officer and say something at the meetings.” Better communication skills gave me the courage to get better jobs, better positions and better salary and of course professional recognition.



The easy and best way to network with professionals who have similar interests is joining AFEW.  AFEW can help you with your career, hobby or anything that you are passionate about. AFEW is great for sharing ideas and knowledge.  The website is open for all the members. From time to time you can browse the website for job postings.


Professional Experience

You will get exposed to lot of professional career and help you build professionally.


Social Skills

As a professional, you want to learn how to talk to other professionals. AFEW helped increased my confidence by pushing myself to talk to people I don’t know.


Community Service

The officers, members and supporters are AFEW’s greatest asset.  Money is not everything. If you can’t give financial support to a good cause, you can always volunteer. It’s a habit you can start now, even if you don’t have piles of money, It’s a habit that will enrich your life.

There are many Filipino organizations but only a few professional organizations out there.  Whether you are looking to become part of a community or simply searching for professional development, AFEW is most certainly the way to go!



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